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White Sturgeon – Learn Some Tips And Info To Help You Catch A Lot More Of Them

White Sturgeon can grow to be monstrous in size, in fact they are one of the largest freshwater fish of North America. The upper and main body area of these fish are usually grayish-brown or chalky-brown in color, and their underside is mostly cream or bone-white in color, depending on water conditions such as temperature and algae, and the main food source.

White Sturgeon are not a very tasty fish, and hardly anyone likes eating them, but what does make them a great catch for many fishermen is the fact that they grow to be huge, and can put up a massive battle when caught, this gives them a trait as a desired catch among many sports fishermen as a trophy fish to hang on the wall.

White Sturgeon seem to like living in bays and larger slowly moving rivers, where they tend to prowl the bottoms looking for food, almost in the same ways as other species of bottom feeding fish eat. As spawning time nears, they move towards more faster flowing rivers, and tend to spawn over the gravel bottoms of the clear water.

White Sturgeon feed on small fish that they gobble up when foraging near the bottoms of the water they dwell in, other sources of food for them are; dead fish and other water dwelling creatures that have settled on the bottom, live mollusks, small eels, crayfish and shrimp.

When pole fishing for White Sturgeon, make sure you use heavy duty fishing gear, as they will easily break a cheap or weak pole or reel, line must also be able to withstand a huge fish that is capable of putting up a strong fight. Some baits that may entice White Sturgeon are dead fish chunks, or even dough balls, cheese chunks, blood bait and other stink baits, as they often consume rotted, decaying fish and other such creatures that have died and settled to the bottom.

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