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The perfect Center Console

In this article we will present a new concept of sport fishing center console developed by Riviera Boat with the  brand   R Catamarans  .


The Rcat 38 is a catamaran of the Rcat family, it has a proven hull tested in different sea condition and with different horse power.

The King fisher version  was development to suite the needs of the center console sport fishing lovers who does not want a basic boat, they don’t want to renounce to the comfort, accessories , best sea keeping ,  and a design that is not only “good looking”  but  can be modular and upgradable according to the changing necessities.

The basic configuration is a very simple open boat, center console with a lot of free space on the bow and on the back for the pure fishing lover: in its simplicity it is always a catamaran hull (that means that there is no necessity of stabilizers because the boat result very stable to roll movement).

the seating area is very spacious and comfortable for 3 people and the console host a big storage for whatever is the necessity.

The back seat offer the possibility to host 4 guest watching the stern / fishing area and on the front of the console is possible to host 4 more guest looking the bow.

The center cabinet can host live bait and in built tackle compartment or simpler ice boxes.


On the floor we have 3 inspection hatches 2 of them used as ice boxes. On the stern we find a generous platform to board in and out.

This is only the beginning…

The king fisher as anticipated is modular.

The first useful upgrade is the GRP  T-TOP that offer shade in the driving area but very useful  to attach not only the mast and the navigation system on the top, but also all a series of rod holders and eventually outriggers.

Additionally for those who want really step up their fishing game it can be installed a tuna tower on the top with a functionally driving console and 4 seats.

Fishing Plus Package

Professional and amateur fishermen can have 6 additional ice boxes / fish holders with access from the floor and a comfortable side balcony ( 2 sides) to pick up in safety the catches.

Mixed Users

Our researches states that most of the center consoles users and buyers  are not strictly using these boats only for fishing, so often they demand more comfort for a mix use of their boat. King fisher offer different solution to these owners. Starting from a complete dining area on the front,  a bedroom with separate bathroom in console,  additional 3 seats row for a comfortable sailing of the family, to a longer chaise longue area on the front part of the console.

It is not all ….

The stern of the boat  can be customized for different necessities….

Fishing lovers can have a completely free stern with additional side platforms to perform from the cockpit while their family or friends can enjoy the front of the boat; In addition the stern can be equipped with a wet bar (sink and fridge),  a professional fighting chair or for more pleasure version with a rotating sofa that can be used for fun and for fishing as well when is rotating facing the back side.

Definitely Rcat 38 King fisher seem to deserve his name as it is almost impossible to find in the market a center console with all these features.

If you want to know more about this boat you can keep in touch with Rcatamarans writing directly to this number:









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