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How to spend Christmas and New Year in my own boat

Take-Out Dockside Dinner with a View

One of the greatest pleasures of boating is pulling up to a waterfront dock-and-dine restaurant, collecting your phoned-in order of fresh catch of the day or peel-and-eat shrimp, and then taking it back to the boat to eat with a 360-degree view of the sunset over the water. This experience has long been a favorite among boaters, even without social-distancing requirements. Dinner with a waterfront view from the boat is even more of a treat now, with the option of cracking open a favorite beverage and sleeping at anchor for the night in the fresh air.

2. Cook Onboard

Some might think what is so exciting about cooking. However, cooking while cruising on a yacht is something which is seldom tried. As the yacht trip package doesn’t include food, it is a great idea to cook on board. It will be interesting, and finally, you can have food while enjoying the breathtaking vistas.
If you have tried your hand at fishing and the endeavor was a success, add your catch to the meal. The kitchen in a yacht will have the necessary equipment like an electric grill, microwave oven, and a refrigerator. You can grill a barbecue and have it amid your banter.
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Play Music
There is nothing more relaxing than music. It can enliven the day and set the mood too. Play rock music for a delightful party or a soulful song for a romantic journey with your beloved. The power of music can make the experience unforgettable.
Yachts will have state-of-the-art music systems in which you can listen to music in high quality. Connoisseurs can sing a song or play an instrument to give utmost aesthetic pleasure. The cool sea breeze, soothing music, and the gentle cruise can set the perfect ambiance for your holiday.

And voila!

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