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Evinrude Repower E-TEC G2s Rigging Options

If you ever wanted to repower with Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards, there are a few things to know about the rigging options available to you.

Evinrude Repower E-TEC G2s Rigging Options control


A well-maintained and familiar manual control can be kept even when repowering with Evinrude’s simple system to convert the controls to digital.

Digital Controls from a Manual Control Head

Let’s start with a look at how we can connect to the new engines with digital controls. An old-style manual control head may still be working fine, so there’s no reason to believe it’s not going to continue to work, it makes sense to convert the manual control to digital. Instead the rigger takes the manual controls out of the engine harness because they will no longer direct their movements to components within the engine. Instead the cables will be repositioned to feed into a box positioned in the boat, where the throttle and shift movements of the manual control connect to the universal repower rigging system and actuate digital controls that then send digital signals to the engine.

Evinrude Repower E-TEC G2s Rigging Options black box


Captain Steve shows the inside of the black box of the repower rigging system with the cover removed, and he’s pointing to where the manual throttle and shift cables insert to actuate slides that transfer their movement to digital control.Evinrude Repower E-TEC G2s Rigging Options plug


On the outside of the box is the plug where the wires connect to send the digital throttle and shift commands to the outboards.

When the universal repower rigging system box is opened, it’s easy to see where a rigger can run the cables from the controller into the box, and connect them to a slide, which moves back and forth and creates the proper signal to send to the plug and sensor.

When shift and throttle cables are connected, through the box, to a wiring harness and then plugs into the engine, just like that we’ve got digital controllability from mechanical controls, and this digital controllability works so well that we even lose the feedback on our control system. The cost for this is $950 per engine.

Evinrude Repower E-TEC G2s Rigging Options wiring


When the wiring harness connects the repower rigging system to the engine, the manual control head has digital control over the outboard throttle and shift.

New Helm Controls for New Outboards

Now let’s take a look at the dedicated digital controllers.

The ICON II Digital control is for a single-engine installation. It provides simple forward, neutral, and reverse control, as well as progressive resistance that can be adjusted with a screw. Plus we’ve got an adjustment for the neutral detent. MSRP for this is $1,065.

Evinrude Repower E-TEC G2s Rigging Options control


The ICON II digital control brings simplicity itself to your helm with control over throttle and shift and screw-adjustable, progressive resistance and neutral detent.

The ICON II premium single engine control also offers neutral button, RPM adjust, an indicator to show when it is in neutral and also what gear it is in, plus chrome accent. Also the control stick is a half inch longer. The price for this one, $1,900 MSRP.

Evinrude Repower E-TEC G2s Rigging Options


The ICON II premium single-engine control has more features including shift and neutral indicators, RPM control, and chrome accents.

The ICON II Premium multiple-engine controls is for two to four outboards. It has two sticks, all of the same features as the premium single. Plus it includes sync so that we can keep the two engines matched to each other. This one has an MSRP of $2,900.

Evinrude Repower E-TEC G2s Rigging Options multi engine


Twin outboard installations (or more, up to four) really call for the feature-rich ICON II multiple-engine control, which allows for sync function at the touch of a button.

So, if you are an owner that has found the right boat to repower, the decision really comes down to three factors. Ask yourself these three questions:

1. How much horsepower do you want?

2. How much money you want to put into the installation?

3. What kind of control you want to get?

Answer these questions, and you’ll be able to make some decisions and get your Evinrude E-TEC G2 repower underway.


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