Ever wonder if it is safe to take an infant on a boat?

In today’s article we tell you everything you need to know about Boating with a Baby or

More importantly, is it safe to take an infant boating?
You will have to take some precautions and be well-prepared; but when you
do, you and your baby can have a great time out on the boat.
Some people are very nervous about taking a baby on a boat. For active boaters, having an
infant baby should not stop you from boating.
In fact, it is almost easier to boat with a baby then it is to boat with young toddlers that are
climbing and running around. And if you have a boat that you sleep on, there is nothing better
than the gentle rocking of a boat to help a baby sleep.
With proper safety precautions, there is no reason why you can’t continue boating with a
The UAE Office of Boating Safety states that an infant should not travel on a boat until they
weigh at least 18 pounds and can wear a personal flotation device.
Most babies hit that weight between 4 and 11 months old. However, we have found
several infant life jackets that fit very well – intended for under 30 lbs. An infant PFD has a
built in “heads up” cushion with a loop handle at the top, along with a strap that goes between
the legs (to keep the jacket from sliding up). Infant life jackets are intended to fit snug and do
a great job of raising the infant’s head out of the water. To feel extra safe about how they
work, you can practice holding the baby in a pool while wearing the infant life jacket.
Safe Boating with an Infant Baby
We think the key phrase is “should not travel” as opposed to “should not go on” a boat with an
infant. Our infant daughter was on our boat at 2 ½ weeks old. We found a great infant life
jacket that is safe and Coast Guard approved for infants less than 30 lbs. It is important for
your baby to wore it every time you got on and off the boat.
Boating with an Infant: To Do or Not to Do?

1) Made in the Shade: Do Not Put Sunscreen On A Baby Under 6 Months

You should not apply sunscreen to babies under six months old because their skin is so thin
which means they absorb more chemicals.

2) The More Hands, the Better!

When the baby is buckled up in a life vest, someone will need to hold him or her. It is very
important to support the baby’s head, so holding him and supporting his head in the crook of
your arm is the best bet. If you are anchored and want to put the baby down for a few
minutes, the thing you DON’T want to do is strap your baby into his or her car seat on the
boat. Why? If the baby happens to fall overboard while in the car seat, the car seat is like an
anchor and will go straight to the bottom. So we found that it’s a good idea to bring extra
people on board with you so you can pass the baby around when your arms get tired.

3) Keep Calm and Carry On!

Of course, you don’t want to jostle the baby’s head around, so it is very important to choose a
day with good weather and calm waters. Choppy waters are not your friend! You may want to
stick to the intracoastal or canals.
Follow these tips and you and your precious cargo will have a great day boating!

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