Do fishing remove or reduce stress?

Health benefits of fishing:
There’s nothing like spending the day by the water with your friends and family, casting a line and enjoying the great outdoors.

But did you know you can get more than a killer catch from a day of fishing? Fishing actually has benefits for your physical and mental health.
Here are a few ways fishing can improve your overall well-being.

Benefits to your mental health:
Fishing requires lots of focus and awareness. This takes your mind off internal conflict and stress, similar to meditation. As a result, it helps to reduce anxiety, fight off depression, and promote relaxation.
Fishing is never an exact science. The bait that caught you the big one the day before can be totally ineffective the next. Changing up your bait, finding new fishing spots, and trouble-shooting fishing rod issues may seem like simple problems. However, all of these challenges are helping you develop problem-solving and analytical skills, improving your cognitive function and creative thinking.

Benefits to your physical health:
Fishing is a bigger workout than you might think!
By the time you cast your line, wade through streams, walk to a new fishing spot, and reel in your fish, you’ve had quite the cardiovascular exercise! This low-impact exercise engages your shoulders, back, core, arms, and legs, improving your balance and working your muscles.

Benefits for children
Fishing is good for your little ones too.
Odds are, the first cast you send into the water won’t catch a fish. Fishing teaches patience, as children learn to wait for a bite and stay calm when they lose a fish. Even just being outside has been proven to reduce symptoms of ADHD.
In a digital world, kids and adults alike are constantly exposed to screens and technology. Going fishing gets everyone off their digital devices and promotes an appreciation of the natural environment. Being around water has even been proven to make people feel calmer and more creative.

Clearly fishing is a great activity to improve your health.

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