Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Fishing in the UAE

Can you go fishing during the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic?

Yes, with some exceptions depending on which state you fish in.

Most Emirates are encouraging fishermen to spend time on the water, as long as they are being safe and following local regulations and guidelines.

After all, what better way to practice ‘social distancing’ while maintaining your mental health than by getting outside and enjoying some fishing?

Here are some basic guidelines for safe fishing during the COVID-19 Crisis:

Stay home if you are sick, or showing or feeling any COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, coughing, and/or troubled breathing.

Practice social distancing by keeping at least six (6) feet of distance between yourself and others. A good way to measure this is with your fishing pole!

Hold the pole straight out in front you. If you can turn in a circle without hitting anyone, that is a safe distance.

Follow UAEMARINE guideline, such as wearing a mask in public.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Wash hands often or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol when soap and water are not available

Drive to your fishing spots only with your immediate family members and only if everyone is feeling well.

Don’t share fishing gear with others. Each angler should have their own fishing gear (rod and reels, bait, lures, towels, pliers, and other personal items).

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