Catamaran market is growing in GCC

More and more yards offer motor catamarans. A clear sign that more and more yachtsmen are buying them. If finding a non-sailing multi-hull 20 years ago was so hard, today there are many manufacturer involved in this kind of production.
Why this change? First of all, because we have seen that many sailing cat owners used their boats only with engines: so it is worth taking away the tree and all the reinforcements it needs. But the benefits of the cat are many.

In GCC area and specially in UAE the market of power catamaran is growing year by year and Riviera Boat with brand Rcat is positioned
as the first manufactuer of pleasure and commercial catamaran in the market thanks to a long experience in multihull construction.

The reason of this success in the market are many:

1) For the same length they have a space that is between 50 and 65% higher (catamarans are much larger than monohull of equal length). This counts a lot and the visual impact is striking: get on board a 40 ‘and you will find it, the cockpit , main deck or the sundeck at the bow that you saw only on a 60’. Indeed, the bow retains practically the maximum beam, and therefore to have the same spaces in front of the deckhouse you have to go on an 80 ‘. It is clear that such a thing strikes.
2) The cats are more stable at anchor and at sea: on the one hand there is only one hull about one third as long, on the other side two hulls, or two points of support with a base that is almost two thirds of the width.
3) They are no longer fragile: the old fears of having the boat ripped from the waves because the crossbars cannot hold up the broken movements of the two hulls can be stored, because now the central cell and hulls are made as one piece: it is no longer used crossbars for joining the hulls with each other and with the central body.
4) Technical and service spaces can be wider, having much more space available: it makes no sense, for example, to have small sidewalk when already inside you have once and a half the space that you find yourself on a monohull .
5) Greatest privacy: it is not uncommon for an owner to have a whole hull destined for his own space.
6) Consumption. Multihulls are more efficient when they need to move forward. The hulls have a very large relationship between the length hof the waterline and its width : a monohull has 3: 1, a cat about 8: 1 and according to the laws of hydrodynamics the latter is the limit that eliminates the constraints of resistance. In other words, to move the same lenght a catamaran will need much less power and consequently less consumption.

On the other side even if considering same lenght catamaran are usually much more expensive than monohull (because of the much higher surfaces involved) Rcatamaran with Riviera boat seem to have found the magic formula to keep the cost almost similar to a monohull keeping all the advantage of the multihull. Probably this is the secret of the success of this Brand that starting from UAE is arriving in any part of the world.

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