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Bringing The Fish Home With The Eagle FishStrike 2000C

The Eagle FishStrike 2000C is a high quality, dependable, and very wonderful tool to have on any type of fishing adventure. It offers some of the best features that you will simply wonder how you lived without them. In fact, is so packed full of them, that we have to jump into them right away! So, here are the features that make the FishStrike 2000 C so great.

We’ll start with its screen. The 2000C offers an ultra bright seven inch screen with 256 color display. This LCD display is sunlight readable. That means that you get color, beautiful clarity and depth as well as the ability to read it in the brightest sunlight. So much better than trying to deal with the glare of sunny days!

Let’s not forget to take into consideration the sonar on this fish finder as well. It has depth capability of up to 1000 feet that offers some of the best fish detection software. In other words, you can use it to locate your fish in some of the hardest to find places. Using features like FISH ID, COLORILINE, and FasTrack, you can see up to date sonar picture that are so detailed that you will be able to see your fish clearly, no matter where he is hiding.

Then, there is the recording. The 2000C offers waterproof slots for up to two digital memory cards. You can use this to record your trip so that you can view it later.

On top of this, the 2000C has GPS capabilities as well. That means that you can use it to locate your position to ten feet using satellite technology, find your way to the hotspots and to not worry about getting lost in the meantime. You can use pre-programmed maps or use details you saved from your last successful trip.

Remember the frustration of not being able to find that awesome hotspot from last month? That will never happen again thanks to the positionng and tracking technology of the 2000C.

Yes, this is the fishfinder you have been waiting for with the right balances of tools to allow you to bring your fish home!

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