Boom of sales for Rcat 38: The new concept of Sea Suv

Rcat38 is officially launched.

It was presented during the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show in October 2018 and it is already a great success.

The small Catamaran is not a simple 38 feet boat, it is real and fully functional Mini Yacht..

Riviera Boat, manufacturer of the Rcat38 and Rcat50 declared that they issued a prelaunch phase of 5 month from May till October 2018 in which they offered the Rcat38 in a special offer selling 10 unit on the paper as per plan in only 4 months.

The reason is simple as explained by Giovanni Sorrentino ( nominated as the most loved Yacht designer after Genova Boat show 2018): Rcat 38 meet the requirements of a very wide audience because it is a SEA SUV: a new generation of boat classy and sporty at the same time.

Sportiness is expressed by extraordinary performances (25 knots with 2 x 200 hp outboard) and the multiplicity of use is manifested by very large spaces on deck: the cockpit is fishing oriented empty and customizable with wet bar and live bait tanks, the living room is extraordinary with a full beam of 4 meter inside it has the same space of a 55 feet boat, 2 large opposite sofa at the entrance (majlis) , kitchen and helm station. On the lower deck we can find 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom while on the front side we have additional sittings that can be used as an open lounge area.

Rcat 38 general arrangements

It’s not only that, continue “Sorrentino”, the Rcat 38 is customizable like a MiniYacht: we can have an upper floor that transform this boat from CrossOver to a SUV: a Flybridge reproduce the same AIR CONDITIONED living room that we have on the main floor on the TOP, doubling the space and almost the seat capacity (already generous) of the boat; in alternative for fishing lovers it is possible to install a Tuna Tower on the top instead of the flybridge.

These are the reasons that made of Rcat 38 the  #productoftheyear  and we are proud that this project is fully made and concepted in UAE.


The prelaunch and the prototype phases now are over and we are ready for mass production. Our pipeline is already booked for almost all 2019 but we are putting our effort to increase the efficiency of the production line to be able to produce 24 Rcat 38 per year, so there will be still space for 2019 for a few owners.

If you want more information about Rcatamarans just visit the website






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