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According to, “Access to clean water is not just a human rights issue. It’s an environmental issue. An animal welfare issue. A sustainability issue. Water is a global issue, and it affects all of us.”

So today, I am posting about ways boaters can help to protect water resources in support of Blog Action Day. I’ll be joining forces with over 4,000 blogs, as well as fellow boating blogs that are also supporting the cause…

Here are some Ways Boaters can Protect Water Resources

Reduce Use of Water Bottles
Boaters tend to drink a lot of bottled water. Most boaters can go through a case of water a weekend when the weather gets hot. In fact, the U.S., Mexico and China lead the world in bottled water consumption, with people in the U.S. drinking an average of 200 bottles of water per person each year. Yes it’s important to stay hydrated, but there are more eco-friendly options for drinking cold water on a boat like insulated water bottles. Reducing the amount of bottled water we use helps cut back on petroleum, carbon emissions, and of course, waste. It also helps protect ecosystems in rural areas where spring water is mined.

Use More Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
As boaters, we should be concerned about chemical runoff and water pollution. We need to protect the rivers, lakes, bays and oceans we love. Using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products on boats will help the cause.

Conserve Water
Just as there are ways to conserve water in your home, you can conserve water on your boat. Simple things like stopping a leaking hose on the dock, or limiting the number of times you wash your boat (an easy task for some!), can help make a difference.

Limit Use of Technology Gadgets
Your technology footprint has a impact on how much water is used. For example, an iPhone requires half a liter of water to charge. On an average day, 500 billion liters of water travel through U.S. power plants to power all the technology that we use every day. Consider tech gadgets that have multi-purpose functions – like an iPhone with GPS or a chartplotter with fish finding. It saves space on a boat and is more convenient – not to mention the energy and water savings.

Support Clean Marina Initiatives
By choosing to dock your boat at a clean marina – for your annual slip or transient stays – you are supporting green or clean marina programs. Boaters should also be respectful of clean marina programs or environmentally responsible policies at marinas – like being careful of spills at the fuel dock, using oil absorbers, proper disposal of oil and chemicals and using eco-friendly cleaners.

The fastest-growing water sport these days is wakesurfing, a natural evolution of wakeboarding. The critical difference is, of course, that in wake surfing the person on the board riding the wake is not being towed and is relatively close to the stern of the boat, sliding down the wake toward the boat’s transom.

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