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There are two basic types of  terminal tackle which the sea angler will  find useful in the Eastern Fisheries Region. These are the paternoster and the ledger. All sea fishing terminal tackle is based on these two patterns or a combination of both.

It should be noted that all the ‘pieces’ which go to make up these rigs are available in the majority of tackle shops. Let us look,in a little more detail, at some of the terminal rig arrangements which have proven successful in the Region.
The Boat Fishing Paternoster
can, in theory, have any number of hooks suspended from the main line on snoods or droppers, with a lead attached below the bottom hook. The rig allows baits and lures or a combination on  both to be fished at all levels from just under the surface, through mid water and all the way down to the sea bed. Another advantage which the paternoster has is that a number of baits can be worked or “jigged” together in an enticing manner without tangling with each other. It is recommended that for ease of use this rig should have no more than three droppers attached.
A second type of boat fishing terminal tackle is the One hook Running Ledger
which can be fished tight to the sea bed for all the bottom living species from dabs to Ray. Again this can be a multi hook rig (three hooks,usually being the maximum). When fishing for larger species, such as tope or monkfish, one hook rigs are advisable to prevent two or more fish grabbing baits at the same time! Two large fish pulling against each other would put unnecessary strain on the terminal tackle and almost surely lead to a breakage. For some of these more “toothy” fish the trace should be made up from heavy duty nylon or multi-strand wire. The free running nature of this rig means that when a big fish picks up the bait, it can make off with it, without feeling any resistance. The angler should allow the fish to take line until it stops to turn the bait before swallowing. The strike should be delayed until ‘the fish’ stops to turn.
There are many specialist boat rigs based on either of the above but one of the most successful fish catchers in the Eastern area, particularly off  theWexford coast, is the
“Flying Collar”
This is basically a ledger rig with a longer than usual, fixed dropper. At one time wire coat hangers were cut and shaped to create long booms, but today at least one major tackle manufacturer produces booms for this purpose. The rig which normally uses an artificial eel or shad is best employed while drifting over a deep water reef or wreck and should be lowered to the sea bed and reeled back slowly toward the boat. This process should be repeated until fish are contacted.Pollack and coal fish are the main target fish but many other species have fallen to this technique including conger, ling and cod.
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