6 Reasons to Get Married on a Boat

There are place in the world where it is always nice to be out in the water, and others where you have to wait summer when the sun can actually warm the earth, that’s the time to get outside, get on a boat and get married! Here are 6 Reasons to Get Married on a Boat, and if you heed my advice, feel free to invite me as well!

  1. Elegant or Casual. You don’t have to have a nautical theme, but having one would allow guests to comfortably don summer dresses and shorts with suit jackets, meaning they will feel more at ease. Or have everyone dress to the nines and really feel like a bunch of high class hoity toitys, it’s fun to do so every so often.
  2. Adventurous. This wouldn’t be your ordinary get-married-at-a-church wedding. This would be an adventure for you, your family, and your friends. And you get to see the sights. I’ve done a few river cruises on the Mississippi, Niles or Dubai Canal and boy is it beautiful. Throw in a stellar sunset, a mild weathered evening, and dinner, and you are sure to blow your guests out of the water #verypunny
  3. Keep guests from leaving early. Ha! Once you are on the boat, you are on. the. boat. There isn’t an option for party poopers to head out early, or dip out on dancing. That means FUN for EVERYONE, whether they like it or not.
  4. Intimate. Since most of us can’t afford to charter the Titanic or a Viking Ocean Ship, the boat you’ll likely snag has a small capacity. That means only the people most important to you can gain access aboard. And it also means more of your budget can go elsewhere, like a floral arbor to get married under or a top shelf open bar.
  5. An excellent crew. I mean it, many companies can have got the routine down pat. Not sure how to load your guests onto the boat? They are. Don’t know how to manage dinner service on a boat? They do. Wondering how to decorate a boat? They know.
  6. A Ceremony with a View. When I say ‘get married on a boat’ I don’t necessarily mean ‘have your wedding ceremony on a boat’. And there is a difference. The ceremony can be spent on land, with a stationary backdrop, then a short cocktail hour, then spend the next 3-5 hours in ‘eat, drink and be merry’ mode, while softly drifting on a body of water. That way there’s more room for walking down the aisle, for a reveal (like first look etc) and for family photos. 

If you are asking to yourself, the answer is YES … the one in the picture is me :).

I decided to greet my day with a a few friend with an integrity 55 . to arrive later to the real celebration in a different location directly with the boat.

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