6 Family Friendly Boat Party Game Ideas

First: How to Stay Safe When Playing Boat Party Games

Being on a boat isn’t an inherently dangerous activity at all, provided you and everyone else aboard knows the basics of safety, uses good common sense and watches out for each other.
But certain activities that might be very low risk on land can be more dangerous on a boat, including party games of all sorts.
Since this includes many of the boat party game ideas we’ll be talking about in today’s article.

1. Fastest on the Water
Pick two points, such as buoys, other boats or points on shore, and see which paired captain and water skier (or tuber, or wakeboarder, etc.) can span the distance fastest—without anyone falling over, of course!

2. Hang Ten or Twenty or More
This one can bring out the devil in the person at the wheel of the boat.
Tow your water skier or tuber across a veritable obstacle course of wake waves in an attempt to make ’em fall and see which tuber or boarder stays up the longest.
Target Practice
If there’s one thing that’s agreed on pretty much universally, it’s that trying to throw one thing into another thing is fun.
From carnival game stalls to professional basketball courts, we humans spend a lot of time trying to hit targets (nets, cans, dartboards) with objects we throw.
As it turns out, this can be even more fun in the water. And those diving tosses certainly hurt less when you land in water, too!

3. Bombs Away
Trail a tube with a cutout center behind your boat and see who can toss the most balls into it accurately.
You can use soccer balls, volleyballs or whatever you’d like, just so long as it floats. And also, don’t forget to collect all the balls when you’re done!
Another option is to get yourself an inflatable cornhole game (check price on Amazon) that’s made to be played on the water.

4. Catch a Wave
What’s more fun than trying to toss a ball into a tube?
Trying to toss a ball to a human who’s being zipped along over the water on a tube. Or on waterskis, if the sportsman or sportswoman is coordinated enough to ski using one hand and make a one-handed catch with the other.
Most of us had better stick with the tube.
For the game above, Bombs Away, and for this game of catch, try the classic Champion Sports Rhino Skin Playground Ball . These classic elementary school balls are bright and easy to see, they float and they’re soft enough not to hurt on impact. They were designed for kids, after all.

5. Magnetic Chess or Magnetic Checkers
You can find a plethora of chessboards and checkerboards that use magnetic pieces and which are perfect for playing with on rolling waves.
Often, these games are one and the same, with both chess and checkers pieces included.
For example, here’s a neat 3-in-1, travel game board that comes with chess, checkers and backgammon pieces to play with.

6. Travel Scrabble
This is a classic word game, and my personal favorite game on land or sea.
It’s available in a compact package that uses all plastic components (no worries about waves) and with pieces that click into place (no worries about that word with the X and J slipping off the board).


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