The Stuff you should have in your boat Galley

If you’re reading this on a large motor-cruiser or swanky yacht, then you’ve probably got a better kitchen on board than mine at home.

This hit list isn’t for you. I’m  talking to those of you who have a modest galley – one up from a camper van, and  two up from a camping stove. I’m thinking cool box, and if you’re really lucky a refrigerator, a two-ring hob, a postbox-size grill and a Wendy house of an oven (we  use a Neptune 4500).    Space really is at a premium and everything has its place, so the kit you choose  should be carefully selected. Pots and pans should stack easily, and dishes should  be both oven- and table-friendly. There are lots of space-saving options around, so  take advantage of the latest clever kitchenware.    If you’re not a tidy freak in everyday life, then you certainly need to be on board.  Once you’ve worked out what recipes you are likely to be cooking, store ingredients  to hand and know what’s where.  

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